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CLIENT: A client wanted to gift his best friends with a deck of 52 playing cards for their friday nights poker sessions.

PROJECT DETAILS: The clients requests were mainly 2: 

  • a metallic colour palette
  • art deco aesthetic illustrations

Printed on 400gsm card stock, plastic-coated
2.5x3.5 inches
I started with some sketches of the 4 suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades).

Every graphic symbol should have recalled the common pips, with a touch of art deco aesthetic.

For the retro of all cards I opted for a golden and silver metallic foil effect on a black background.

The jack, the queen and the king cards were represented respectively by their first character designed with an art deco style in mind.

The joker card show the illustration of a top hat. I wanted to recall the joker but in a modernish and elegant way.



ī¸Ž 2021//maaariabouvier

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